Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday Seen

Monday seen is a showcase of all the little gems that I've seen during my Monday Chai tea surf of the web, three items that made me smile, inspired me and grabbed my attention.
Fabulous kitsch Artist Card-Teacup Fairy Boy by Pavlova.
A gorgeous green goddess Malachite Multi- Strand Necklace by Nanuk Jewellery.

Some fun, quirky Pomegranate Earrings by Po Jones.
Hope you enjoy these as much as I have all of these items are available from the artist's Folksy shops (see links).
Thanks for stopping by, if you like this blog please add it to your lists, and feel free to pass it on.


  1. Beautiful choices, I especially adore the Malachite necklace from Nanuk!

    Natalie x

  2. Oh me too love it- one of my favourite stones♥

  3. Lovely choices!! and thank you for showing my artist's card.

  4. Thanks for featuring my necklace! You're blog looks gorgeous by the way :-)


  5. You're both welcome ♥

    Would like to get some more veiwers so feel free to pass it on ♥

  6. I love that Malachite necklace too - it's stunning! Am now following - plese check out my blog too when you get a chance...